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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Depression Depression is a mental state, which is characterized by a pessimistic sense of inadequacy and a despondent lack of activity.  Some of the signs of depression include suicidal thoughts, feeling sad, having a non positive attitude about the past, present and future, losing interest in activities once enjoyed, feeling listless and without energy, having […]

Changes in Circumstances During our life time we encounter changes on a constant basis.  As we age, these changes are ongoing and could affect much more our mental health which, in turn, could impact our physical health.  Some of the changes could be a result of serious events, the death of a loved one, emergence […]

Internet Scheming – Don’t let them con you! Excerpts from an article written by Jason Hirose – Network Administrator at ILRC In this day and age of viruses, spam and phishing scams, it is good that many people don’t trust what is coming into their inbox.  If you don’t have someone you trust to ask […]

Handi-Transit is looking at making some drastic changes to their cancellation and “no show” policies, which could have significant impact regarding one’s independent flexibility of comings and goings. Here is a summary from the MLPD transportation committee of the proposed changes Handi-Transit is looking at implementing: – Increasing cancellation window from 30 minutes to 90 […]


  • "Thank you for your attitude and care during my father’s illness. Our caregiver was compassionate, supportive, and provided great relief for our family. Warm regards." Jason Conors.