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Changes in Circumstances

Changes in Circumstances

During our life time we encounter changes on a constant basis.  As we age, these changes are ongoing and could affect much more our mental health which, in turn, could impact our physical health.  Some of the changes could be a result of serious events, the death of a loved one, emergence of health conditions, need to change residences, and need to move into a nursing home or retirement home.

As caregivers, unpaid or paid, we should know how to assist our dear ones/clients during changes in life situations.  Some of most helpful ways to do that are:

– Spend time with the affected persons and listen to them talk about their past.  Allow them to share their experiences with you, if they choose to share them.

– Provide assistance in connecting with specific organizations that may be able to help (e.g. Hospice can provide support to the dying individual and his/her family).

– Be alert for any negative impacts on the client’s physical or mental health, and for any changes that may have happened.

– If we sense there is a need for professional attention, (e.g. counselors, therapists), contact the individual on the care-giving team, who is responsible for taking action on life situation changes.

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