Home care questions
often asked



Q: My mom lives with our family but we can’t be with her all the time. What can we do?

A: Services can be tailored to meet her needs and give your family peace of mind when you cannot be home with her.

Q: My dad has government home care every day to help with morning and night care. There are times we are called by the scheduler to let us know his worker can’t come. What can I do?

A: We offer a special program called Rapid Response and can help him within 2-3 hours of your call.

Q: I am going into hospital for surgery and worried that I won’t have help when I am discharged if government home care doesn’t start when I get home. I will probably need help the same day I get home. Can I arrange a backup plan in case home care doesn’t have anyone to send for a week or two after I get home?

A: Yes, documents can be prepared and signed in advance. When you know your release date, we can begin services immediately.

Q: The doctor told me I need to have someone stay with me after my out-patient procedure.

A: Depending on the procedure, it can be medically necessary to have a nurse or a Certified Health Care Aide in case of emergency. Services can be claimed on your income tax return as a medical expense.

Q: My parents are fairly independent and just need a helping hand from time to time. Can you provide services only when they need it?

A: Yes, we are a phone call away. It is important to have documents in place before services are needed.

Q: I keep hearing companies use words like professional caregivers on staff. What does that mean and how are you different?

A: Our in-home services are provided by highly trained Certified Health Care Aides who can provide personal, intimate care and if needed, meal preparation and light housekeeping. Nursing services include RN’s, LPN’s and RPN’s who are fully licensed with no conditions attached to their credentials.


Q: My dad seems so lonely at the nursing home and we visit as often as we can but it’s not enough. Can a special friend come out to visit with him when we can’t be there?

A: Talking to a visiting aide or going for a walk can help with feelings of loneliness. Regular visits improve cognitive function and help elevate mood. It will give your dad someone to look forward to visiting with on a regular basis.

Q: The Home does the best they can but there have been times when my mom won’t eat. There aren’t enough aides on staff to help everyone eat their meals and I’m worried she will lose her strength. What can I do?

A: Yes we can come to the facility to help at mealtime. This can also be an important time to engage in conversation.

Q: My aunt only gets one bath a week and I don’t think that’s enough. She likes to feel pampered. Can you provide an extra bath once a week?

A: Yes we can. We coordinate with the PCH to allow for extra bath time. Our Certified Health Care Aides are allowed to perform personal care inside Personal Care Homes.