April 9, 2017

I am in my eighties, with my family living far away. I don‵t blame them – there are times I don’t want to be around me. I am wheelchair bound and live on my own, extremely independent (let’s be blunt – plain old stubborn and set in my ways); I have reached the age where, if I want to visit any of my old friends, the conversations are very one sided.
I have had the services of the local government home care services for several years and they do their best in the short and limited services they provide. I find it’s just not enough.
Last year I became blind. A friend became concerned about the way I was eating and the cleanliness of my residence. She suggested that I contact Reliable Home Care Agency. I did, and it proved to be a very wise move.
On contacting Reliable, I had an interview with their representative to determine exactly what my particular needs were, and a plan of care was developed to suit my budget. I hate to spend money on necessities but this service has been virtually a life saver; my home is clean and I eat well.
Thanks to the skills of a surgeon I have limited vision in one eye and can see for myself the results of hiring Reliable. Incidentally, my care plan was modified to suit my revised needs.